"I would highly recommend Perrine. From the minute my daughter and I met her she put us both at ease. She has provided a safe and fun environment for my daughter each week. Each session is well planned and tailored to meet the needs of my daughter. Perrine puts so much thought, effort and time into each session. She is extremely professional, experienced and passionate about her work. She has great resources, equipment and ideas to meet the individual needs of my daughter. I found all the home materials and suggestions that Perrine provided to be extremely beneficial, it gave us direction to follow up the work at home. Perrine's endless energy and ideas are to be admired!
My daughter has formed a strong relationship with Perrine which is a true reflection on Perrine's fantastic work and her friendly positive approach. My daughter thinks the world of Perrine and is often talked about at home. My husband and I have seen lovely progress in our daughter since attending Perrine. As anxious parents we feel so grateful and blessed that we have had the privilege to work with Perrine. She really is amazing and we will never forget everything Perrine has done for our daughter."

"I can highly recommend Perrine Cahill of the SALT Clinic who did excellent work with my little boy who was experiencing delays in his speech development. As a parent you really worry when your child is not hitting certain milestones, but through a short series of focused sessions with Perrine, he has come on significantly. One of the keys to my son’s success was Perrine teaching myself and my husband how to work with him in a play-based manner outside of the formal sessions to complement the work being done by Perrine. Perrine is highly professional and a pleasure to work with."

"... has started school, and is getting on really well. He has integrated really well with the other kids in his class. I have to say Perrine that, his progress since March is remarkable, and I think you should take full credit for this. The improvement in his speech is beyond both my husband and my expectations. Of course as a result of his improved speech, his behaviour and methods of expressing himself has also increased, to the point where we have very few melt downs now! What can we say, only thank you! You seem to have the magic touch! The reports from his teacher are all good, and she has no difficulty understanding him (once he slows down!)”.

“I'd like to recommend Perrine Cahill. I first brought my son to Perrine 12 months ago. I was instantly impressed with Perrine; how she interacted with my 2yr old Son; she was very professional, very experienced, was confident in what she was doing and seemed very competent; Perrine was very thorough in her assessment of my Son, from the 1-2-1 session and follow up (even after my son had completed his consultation, Perrine got in touch to enquire of his progress, which I was very impressed by ). My son was also at ease with Perrine and Perrine was able to command his attention for an hour, which is a hard thing for any toddler. She is very patient.

I also really liked Perrine’s consultation rooms; they were very well equipped, modern, clean and very suitable for children. She had very good equipment and materials at hand, so she could work efficiently and effectively during the consultation.

More recently, I had an incident with my Son's speech and I called Perrine to enquire as to what to do. Perrine instantly put me at ease and gave me advice to track and record behaviour, before coming to see her. Perrine was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She has a lovely natural manner, which is essential in child healthcare.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Perrine, she is very impressive and it's easy to see that she loves what she does and has genuine interest in helping children. I now know that if I have any problems with my children in the future, I have somewhere to go and do know that they will get the best care and my worries are slightly eased as I know there is someone (Perrine) who will be able to help them. Thank you Perrine”.

“Each session was relaxed and moved at the child’s pace. My daughter made excellent progress, looked forward to and enjoyed each session. Perrine provided extra material for home which my daughter completed happily, and we both found very useful for practising between sessions. Overall I was very happy with the sessions and with the support and guidance provided by Perrine”.